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Hey there! We're Brewers Organics. We deliver boxes of 100% organic produce to the Milwaukee metro area, and we are on a mission. We want you to eat well, be well, and join us in doing a lot of good in between. 

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Sales & Specials

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Organic Bananas
$0.49 each
Organic Cilantro
$2.49 bunch
Organic Jumbo Yellow Onion
Jumbo Yellow Onion
$1.99 each
Organic Lemon
$0.99 each
Organic Rhubarb
$4.59 lb.
Organic Red Beets
Red Beets
$2.49 bunch
Organic Broccolette
$3.29 bunch
Organic Cucumber
$1.29 each
Organic Parsley
$1.69 bunch
Organic Red Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
$2.09 each
Organic Radish
$2.49 bunch
Organic Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil
$2.79 each
Organic Mint
$2.79 each
Organic Pasta Herb Blend
Pasta Herb Blend
$2.79 each
Organic Baby Dill
Baby Dill
$2.79 each
Organic Cantaloupe
$3.99 each
Organic Raspberries
$6.99 each

Contact Us

Have a question or comment? Click here to send a message or give us a call at 414-755-2114, or you can email us at [email protected]

Our Delivery Area

We deliver to greater Milwaukee area. We deliver to schools, public buildings, offices, homes, boats, and the occasional tree house.

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Questions about where we deliver? Send us a note, we love getting mail!

How does the service work?

Simply.  Pick the size and type of box you want. We'll send you the upcoming week's menu on Saturday so you can log in and make subs. Your payment method of choice (credit or debit card) is charged  on Monday. Organic deliciousness will arrive on your door step on Wednesday. 

Is there any commitment?

From you? Absolutely not! You can set vacations, put your account on hold, cancel, start back up again- all whenever you want. As our customer, it's your prerogative.    From Us? Yes! We're committed to good food, good people (you), and doing good for the community. And we back this all up with a 100% guarantee. 

Don't Worry, be Happy!

We strive to make you happy. We do this by allowing our customers to customize their weekly or bi-weekly order. Not a fan of everything in the box this week? That's ok! You can substitute out something you don't like for something you do.


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