What's in the Large
Week of Sep 24

Lots of produce in this one! Great for families or couples who are vegetarian.

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1 (each) Anaheim Pepper,Piper Farms
2 (each) Jalapeno Pepper,Piper Farms
2 (each) Poblano Pepper,Piper Farms
1 (bunch) Radishes,BrynTeg Farm
1 (4 oz) Shallots,Piper Farms
2 (each) Bananas
2 (each) Roma Tomato,BrynTeg Farm
1 (head) Green Leaf Lettuce,Full Harvest Farm
1 (bunch) Red Kale,Full Harvest Farm
1 (lb.) Red Potatoes,Full Harvest Farm
1 (each) Butternut Squash,Meuer Farm
1 (lb.) Thomcord Grapes
3 (each) Bartlett Pear
2 (each) Kiwi
1 (each) Grapefruit
1 (each) Pomegranate
1 (lb.) Carrots
2 (each) Pink Pearl Apple
2 (each) Valencia Orange