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Vendor: Full Harvest Farm

Location: Hartford, WI
Food Miles: 45 miles

Full Harvest Farm, LLC is a 40-acre, mixed vegetable farm dedicated to organic production. They are seasoned farmers who believe in building up soil and natural ecosystems that grow great vegetables and support a sustainable lifestyle.

Meet the owners...

Chuck Frase

Co-owner and head farmer, has a B.S. degree in Soil Science and 20 years of experience growing certified organic vegetables. He chooses quality plant cultivars appropriate to the growing conditions on our farm and cares for them with proper fertility, irrigation, cultivation, pest control and harvesting techniques. Chuck also manages the crew, fixes equipment and communicates with wholesale customers.

Terry Vlossak

Co-owner and office manager, has a B.S. degree in Secondary Education, 7 years of experience in customer service, and 11 years as a chef and pastry chef in some of the best restaurants and clubs in Wisconsin. She writes the newsletters, responds to your emails and manages the office.

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