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Location: Wauconda, IL

From the folks at Meyer Farms...

Meyer Farms is a group of farm nerds with the goal of providing you with the best organic produce, herbs, eggs, and other delicious edibles. Located in Wauconda, IL, our beautiful 47 acre farm has been certified organic since 1992. We are foodies – we love to eat good food, we love to cook what we grow, and we love to introduce our passion to others.

As a professional chef back in the 80's who could not find a good source of high quality fresh herbs, Vern Meyer began growing them himself for use at his restaurant. Soon other chefs were asking for his herbs, and our farm business was born! We began growing culinary herbs on a wholesale basis. In 2012 we shifted our focus towards our community by adding vegetables and fruits to the herbs we were growing, and offering them locally through our farm stand and farmers markets. We've added a small flock of free-range chickens and offer fresh eggs as well, and in 2014 we added a few beehives for honey (in addition to helping pollinate our crops.)

From the beginning, we have been devoted farmers and stewards of the earth, passionate about growing high quality products using natural, earth-friendly, and organic methods. We embrace the land and all that mother earth throws at us, whether it is beautiful sunny days or thunderstorms and raging winds. Farming can be challenging, but we find it rewarding and fun to provide our members and local community with good, healthy food. 

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