It All Starts At The Farm

What you eat and where it comes from is incredibly important. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply and how what we feed our families can affect us now, and 20 years down the road. Below are just a few of the farms that grow our wonderful produce.

Week of May 28, 2017:

Green Seedless Grapes
Valencia Orange
Green Cabbage
Carrots with Tops
Lacinato Kale
Red Leaf Lettuce
White Mushrooms
Yellow Onion
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Yellow Nectarines
Yellow Peaches
Roma Tomatoes
Brussels Sprouts
Red Beets
Green Onions
Green Bell Pepper
Easter Egg Radishes
Gala Apples
Medjool Dates

Organic Valley

Organic Valley
Location: La Farge, WI

From Organic Valley...
Our story starts back in January of 1988—a time when family farms were on the brink of extinction. We were a handful of farmers in Southwestern Wisconsin’s coulee region and we shared a love of the land. We also shared the belief that a new, sustainable approach to agriculture could help family farms and rural communities survive. With a small poster inviting area farmers to join our current CEIEIO, George Siemon, for an informational meeting regarding the formation of the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP) at the county courthouse, we created enough momentum to carry us to this day. 
Folks back then, just like you today, were concerned with food quality and environmental issues. They were looking for more natural, nutritious food—food grown without synthetic and potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We began by growing organic vegetables, and soon added organic dairy products. When we found the demand we anticipated was real, we created the Organic Valley brand name and expanded our product line.
The Cream Has Risen
Our co-op, through the Organic Valley™ brand, soon became the number one source of organic milk in the nation. Once pioneers of organic agriculture, we’re now an established leader. Organic is all we do. We remain driven by our mission to promote regional farm diversity and economic stability by the means of organic agricultural methods and the sale of certified organic products. We maintain integrity through our commitment to consumer education and delivering the highest quality, strictly organic products to consumers, schools, and a variety of manufacturers looking for organic ingredients.
At our helm is one of our original seven farmers, George Siemon, our Chief Executive Officer. George prefers the title C-E-I-E-I-O. A lifelong farmer, he and his family have operated an organic farm in the Bad Axe River valley of Wisconsin’s driftless area since 1977. With his unique combination of having a hand in the soil as well as being able to see the big picture, George has been a leader in the campaign to establish effective national standards for organic certification.
We are committed to organic agriculture and building a future for sustainable family farming in America. Organic. It’s all we do.

Meyer Farms

Meyer Farms
Location: Wauconda, IL

From the folks at Meyer Farms...
Meyer Farms is a group of farm nerds with the goal of providing you with the best organic produce, herbs, eggs, and other delicious edibles. Located in Wauconda, IL, our beautiful 47 acre farm has been certified organic since 1992. We are foodies – we love to eat good food, we love to cook what we grow, and we love to introduce our passion to others.
As a professional chef back in the 80's who could not find a good source of high quality fresh herbs, Vern Meyer began growing them himself for use at his restaurant. Soon other chefs were asking for his herbs, and our farm business was born! We began growing culinary herbs on a wholesale basis. In 2012 we shifted our focus towards our community by adding vegetables and fruits to the herbs we were growing, and offering them locally through our farm stand and farmers markets. We've added a small flock of free-range chickens and offer fresh eggs as well, and in 2014 we added a few beehives for honey (in addition to helping pollinate our crops.)
From the beginning, we have been devoted farmers and stewards of the earth, passionate about growing high quality products using natural, earth-friendly, and organic methods. We embrace the land and all that mother earth throws at us, whether it is beautiful sunny days or thunderstorms and raging winds. Farming can be challenging, but we find it rewarding and fun to provide our members and local community with good, healthy food. 

The Feel Good Farm

The Feel Good Farm
Location: Sheridan, IN

From the folks at The Feel Good Farm...
Feel Good Farm is an ongoing farming project started by Green BEAN in 2010. With a focus on creating a sustainable food ecosystem, we strategically plan and plant crops to maximize the overall health and production of the land. Our goal is to create a rich, fertile environment for not only growing nutritious food for Green BEAN Delivery members, but also educating and developing our next generation of farmers. We hope to inspire communities around us to connect more with the food they eat and develop an appreciation and respect for where it has traditionally originated - the farm.

Full Harvest Farm

Full Harvest Farm
Location: Hartford, WI
Food Miles: 45 miles

Full Harvest Farm, LLC is a 40-acre, mixed vegetable farm dedicated to organic production. They are seasoned farmers who believe in building up soil and natural ecosystems that grow great vegetables and support a sustainable lifestyle.
Meet the owners...
Chuck Frase
Co-owner and head farmer, has a B.S. degree in Soil Science and 20 years of experience growing certified organic vegetables. He chooses quality plant cultivars appropriate to the growing conditions on our farm and cares for them with proper fertility, irrigation, cultivation, pest control and harvesting techniques. Chuck also manages the crew, fixes equipment and communicates with wholesale customers.
Terry Vlossak
Co-owner and office manager, has a B.S. degree in Secondary Education, 7 years of experience in customer service, and 11 years as a chef and pastry chef in some of the best restaurants and clubs in Wisconsin. She writes the newsletters, responds to your emails and manages the office.

Piper Farms

Piper Farms
Location: Racine, WI
Food Miles: 28 miles

From owner and farmer Scott Piper...
We have been in the conventional truck farming business since about 1920. The farm started with my great grandfather, so I am the 4th generation to continue the farming tradition in our family. In my grandfathers day we farmed around 150 acres or so. We had as primary crops, Onion sets, Potatoes and Cabbage. We also raised barley as a rotation crop. Only 40 acres remain on the original farm. We are in transition on this acreage to become certified to Organic. We are raising a wide variety of vegetables. Some of which include Onions, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Sweet Corn, Cabbage, Melons, Cucumbers,Bush Beans, Asparagus and Rotation in Oats. We also have started a vineyard with 3 Grape varities. The vineyard will take 2 more years to be planted completely. The vinyard will take up about 1.5 acres. Out of the 40 acres approximately 35 acres are tillable. I also use 8 acres of neighboring property which has been in pasture land for many years.

Almost Eden Farms

Almost Eden Farms
Location: Somers, WI
Food Miles: 30 miles

From Crystel at Almost Eden Farms...
Almost Eden Farms is a market garden growing food the old fashioned way. No chemicals, no pesticides, no kidding. For great organic produce grown using sustainable practices, this is the place. Welcome to the future of agriculture - Almost Eden Farms.

BrynTeg Farm

BrynTeg Farm
Location: Oconomowoc, WI
Food Miles: 36 miles

From the folks at BrynTeg Farm...
BrynTeg Farm is located in Ashippun/Oconomowoc, WI. Our beautiful hill and its surrounding acreage have been in the family since 1963, and we wish to continue the tradition of sowing, growing, and harvesting the food we eat. We desire to provide you all-natural produce that is grown chemically free using all-natural, time-tested growing processes.

Ruesch Century Farm

Ruesch Century Farm
Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

From Brian Ruesch...
Ruesch Century Farm as the name implies is one of a handful of farms in Wisconsin that each year is recognized as being one with 100 years of continuous family ownership. Ruesch Century Farm is in its fourth generation and was purchased in 1879 by Leo and Kathrina Ruesch. With a 1 acre organic bog, the entire farm has been entered into the organic program with MOSA.
For many years, the farm was used as a small dairy operation. Since the 1920's, maple syrup has been processed each spring in the sugar bush on the ridge behind the homestead. Huge hard maples still stand some being almost 3 feet in diameter.
We built the first cranberry bog in the early 1990's and have added 3 beds since then. We dry rake some of the berries and actually use hand rakes which was the traditional harvesting method for many decades until mechanical pickers were invented.
The downside is that it takes much longer to harvest. All the berries are hand sorted, placed in containers by hand, labeled by hand. All very time consuming stuff.
The picture you see is the original home but it now has 3 additions. When we did a little remodeling, we found newspapers used for insulation. They dated back to the 1800's and were all in German!
We will remain a small player in organic cranberries and appreciate customers who support small farming operations like ours.

Three Sisters Community Farm

Three Sisters Community Farm
Location: Campbellsport, WI

From Three Sisters...
Farmers Kelly Kiefer and Jeff Schreiber met while working at Wellspring, a Milwaukee-area farm-based educational organization. In 2011 we started Three Sisters on Kelly's family's land. Working with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), we were able to secure additional land and buildings just next door in early April 2012.
Our guiding principles:

We freely exercise our talents and skills to excel at the co-creation of a resilient, holistic farm center that produces an abundance of high quality and nourishing food.

We have and maintain a high quality of life, meeting our material needs and remaining financially secure while also meeting our need for balance, for personal and collective growth, and for happiness, health and vitality.

We steward a farm center that is aesthetically beautiful -- colorful, refreshing and alive. This place is a quiet and magical sanctuary where all can connect with and reverentially experience the beauty and rhythms of nature.

We do work that is positive and meaningful for others, and engage in fair, equitable, collaborative relationships.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese
Location: Waterloo, WI

From Crave Brothers...
We milk Holstein cows on our rural Wisconsin dairy farm. The cows are fed homegrown, high quality forages consisting of corn, alfalfa and soybeans. Our farm emphasizes conservation and sustainable practices, while consideration is given to what is best for the environment, the cows and the consumer. Our pampered cows receive plenty of exercise, fresh air and individualized care. The cow's manure is converted into energy and organic fertilizer through a manure digester located on our farm. Cows are bedded with composted manure solids from the manure digester.
Innovation and hard work have characterized the farm. In 1999, we discussed how to grow our business and offer opportunities for future generations. We wanted to use our own high quality milk to produce specialty cheeses for the consumer. Our cheese factory was constructed in 2001. The milk is piped directly from the dairy farm to the cheese factory within hours of milking for an incredibly flavorful, truly farmstead cheese.

Nordic Creamery

Nordic Creamery
Location: Westby, WI

From Nordic Creamery...
Award-winning Cheesemaker and Buttermaker Al Bekkum and his family live on the Bekkum-Langaard Farmstead owned and operated by their family since immigration from Norway in 1917. The farm is located among other Norwegian settlers in Westby, Wisconsin within Vernon County's lush, green hills and valleys known as the Coulee Region. This un-glaciated land is recognized for its fertile soil and exceptional grazing land making their cheese and butter second to none. Bekkum-Langard family members are not only involved in daily farming but also in cheese making. We're family owned and operated and we think you'll love our cheese because our happy cows and goats produce some of the freshest milk in the area!

Roth Cheese

Roth Cheese
Location: Monroe, WI

From Roth Cheese...
Admittedly, this is theater that's a bit slow. At Roth Cheese, we can spend 10 minutes rolling cheese around on our tongues. You'll see us argue over a wheel of cheese that won't be ready to eat for two years. And if you ask about our latest batch, you'll most likely get a meteorologists lecture on weather, feed, cows, farms and the daily milk haul. You probably don't want to get stuck  talk to us at a party. But slowly, deliberately, patiently, our obsession does make for some amazing cheese.

Black Creek Cheese

Black Creek Cheese
Location: Fox River Valley

From Black Creek Cheese...
Black Creek premium Cheddar cheese is born in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, an area known for its rich soil and picturesque pastureland. The region's cows graze on these nutrient-rich grasses producing distinctly rich and creamy milk.
“Great cheese starts with great milk, and we're blessed to be located in a part of Wisconsin that has incredibly rich, verdant grasses for our cows to graze on,” says Greg Palubicki, Certified Master Cheesemaker at the Black Creek plant. Under Greg's watchful eye, the milk from the region's cows is conscientiously cultivated into full-flavored, award-winning Black Creek® Cheddar.
Greg also credits the brand's distinctive flavor profile to the experienced cheesemakers at the plant. “I'm blessed to work with guys that have been making cheese for twenty-five or more years,” he says. “Cheesemaking is a very intuitive process. You really have to understand the science behind every step and these guys 'get it.' Their skills and expertise allow us to produce the finest cheeses possible.”
Greg has been working at Black Creek for more than 30 years. His father started working in the plant in 1959, and early childhood visits to the facility with his dad sparked an interest in cheesemaking that continues to this day. He started formally working at Black Creek in high school, waking up at 4 a.m. to put a full four hours in at the plant before school. While there, he learned priceless cheesemaking lessons and gained an admirable work ethic from his father. Today Greg supervises all cheesemaking at Black Creek, passing along his knowledge and skills to the cheesemakers of tomorrow.

Big City Greens

Big City Greens
Location: Milwaukee, WI

From Bryan at Big City Greens...
We are a family owned, indoor farm located on the Eastside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We grow specialty Microgreens, Herbs, and Heirlooms and we do it 365 days a year. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products, doing it all locally for our community. We practice only organic growing methods, and use absolutely NO fertilizers and NO pesticides, making our produce simply the best!

Blueberry Haven

Location: Bear Creek, WI

Blueberry Haven is a WI family owned and operated blueberry farm.  Established in 2002 they have over 15,000 highbush blueberry plants and 5 different varieties of blueberries. Blueberry Haven is not certified organic but they use no pesticides and an all natural fertilizer.  

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