Daikon Cakes

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Source: Lucinda Clark


I made these for a group of friends and here is what response I got. 

"What can of meat is in this?" and when I said none the response was:

"SHUT UP! NO WAY." um yes, way. 

Then a few days later the same person who supposedly hated radishes of all kinds before eating these texted me with "all I need in my life right now is some radish cakes."




Daikon cakes


2 Daikons

1 Egg

1/2 cup Breadcrumbs

Seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic...and chili powder if you have it)

Butter for frying


Shred daikons and squeeze out excess liquid.

Beat egg and mix with shredded daikon.

Add breadcrumbs and stir together.

Use a heavy hand with seasonings.

Make into patties and fry in a pan coated with butter. (Everything is better in butter).


I melt cheese on the top of them but that's just how I roll. Michelle Murillo (credit for the picture belongs to her) says you must 1. Grow chives in your front yard. 2. Fry them in hot oil. 3. Pat them dry. 4. Chop them up and add to sour cream to make a wickedly wonderful condiment. Or...you could be lazy like me and serve them with whatever condiment needs to be finished up and out of the refrigerator. ;-)


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