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Rishi Earl Grey Organic Tea Bags

Rishi Tea

Rishi Earl Grey Organic Tea Bags


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Rishi Earl Grey Organic Tea Bags Features

Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!

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Rishi Earl Grey is certified organic

From Rishi Tea...

This classic black tea is the namesake of Charles Grey, Britain's Prime Minister during the 1830s. After saving the life of a Chinese nobleman, Earl Grey received a gift of citrus blossom-scented tea traditionally known as Tai Tai Cha. Tea salons throughout Europe replicated this blend by "perfuming" black teas with the aromatic oil of Italian bergamot oranges. Thus, a timeless tea was born.

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied and smooth with the enlivening floral character of real bergamot citrus.


Organic black tea, essential bergamot oil

Each box contains 15 tea sachets.

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