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Vendor: Juiced!

Location: 640 S. 5th Street Milwaukee
Food Miles: 11 miles

From a mobile juice bar to where we are today, our mission has always been to change culture by making it easy (and delicious) for people to make healthier choices.

At Juiced! we revere the amazing power contained in fruits and vegetables. The energy. The nutrients. The revitalizing kick. The natural healing. The armor. We are in awe of this fuel that aids in vision, immunity and recovery. To make Juiced!, we naturally squeeze the best inventions Mother Nature ever made until they share their liquid treasures with the world. We never heat that natural nectar. We simply blend the best juices in new and novel ways to create super-tasting super juices. It’s a healthy obsession. And you can taste it in every bottle of juice we have ever made.

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