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Vendor: Milaeger's

Location: Racine, WI


Dan and Joan Milaeger started growing in 1960 with one small greenhouse filled with tomatoes. It's been a truly growing business that has expanded to 92 greenhouses currently. In 2013, Milaeger's wanted to grow in a much different way. They wanted to be able to grow and supply local restaurants and markets with good, healthly, local food. They currently have one greenhouse dedicated to over 15 different lettuce varieties and another section of a greenhouse for microgreens and wheatgrass. All of Milaeger's lettuces are grown naturally and locally in Racine. The type of greens or lettuce we offer may vary from week to week, so feel free to e-mail or call us for the current weeks offerings. If you're in the Racine area, drop by their retail store and see all the other wonderful items they offer. And for only $2 you can take a guided tour of their campus, and each attendee will receive a parting gift! Reservations are required for the tour by calling (800) 669-1229. Items offered by Milaegers are not certified organic, but are grown without conventional pesticides, fertilizers, and the like.

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