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Vendor: Sasha's Salad & Sandwich Dressing

Location: Mukwonago, WI


Kathy Taft, founder and developer of Sasha's Salad and Sandwich Dressing, spent the better part of 35 years developing and fine-tuning her abilities in food preparation. The culmination of all her hard work was the recognition by family, friends and others, as one who demonstrates a high level of expertise in all areas of baking and cooking.

It was only a matter of time before she developed her own food product which would be acclaimed to be delicious as well as unique by the public. After two years of trial and error and many dinner experiments, Kathy introduced Sasha's Salad and Sandwich Dressing in June of 2006.

Sasha's dressings are a unique blend of "heart healthy" natural ingredients combined to offer a distinctly different yet incredibly tasty addition to your dining table.

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