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Vendor: Savory Accents

Location: Verona, WI

Joan and Ted Ballweg have spent years perfecting a business that involves the kind of personal passion that can only lead to success.  That’s how you will feel about their wonderful chili products.  From the smooth oils to the flavorful spices, you will taste the compassion that went into making their chilies so unique and so incessantly sought after.

First, it’s Ted that tenderly gardens the soil in preparation of planting, then carefully selects the chili genetics and dutifully manages the production of those distinctively savory chilies, which range in variety from mild Anaheim chili to firey zesty Chichen Itza Habanero peppers.

Hand picked choice seeds originating from various global cultures – Aji from Peru, Bulgarian Carrots, Fatali from Africa, Jolokia from India, Chinese Lanterns, Caribbean Reds, Kung Pao Cayennes, Thai Hots and Japanese Shishito and many more, are gathered and grown in Savory Accent’s various gardens, which, by the way, are located in the highly fertile Midwestern farm lands of Verona, WI.  This uniquely diverse global collection of capsaicin producing genetics is the basis of all the unique spicy flavors you will find in Savory Accents products.

It is Joan’s culinary passion that takes these basic ingredients and creates innovative products that have a wonderful balance of flavor and heat.  Finding the right combination of pungent chili spice and palate pleasing ingredients is an art she has mastered.  Like Chef Julia Child, Joan learned many culinary creative techniques in France.

The spicy gourmet – Joan, and the chili gardener – Ted, is the meld of harmonious talents and the result is Savory Accents. The next best thing to a home cooked meal in their home.

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