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Vendor: Wanish Sugar Bush Maple Syrup

Location: Colfax, WI
Food Miles: 299 miles

Will Wanish started tapping trees and making maple syrup with his uncle, Jon, during 2018. He really enjoyed it and decided to tap more trees during 2019.

After that season, as a budding entrepreneur, he decided to start his own business and Wanish Sugar Bush LLC was born. His parents, Todd and Heather, have continuously encouraged his diligent work ethic and are proud of what he has accomplished.

“When Will decides to do something he decides to DO IT and puts all of his efforts towards his goal. What started out as a small hobby during the spring has now blossomed into a full-fledged operation. We are excited for this adventure and look forward to many successful seasons making 100% pure maple syrup and associated products.” – Todd and Heather Wanish

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