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Vendor: Zymbiotics

Location: Milwaukee, WI

From Jeff, owner of Zymbiotics...

Zymbiotics' makes naturally fermented foods in Milwaukee.  All our products are pre-biotic and pro-biotic, thus they aid digestion, help to boost your immune system and have properties that help regulate mental health.  We currently produce Jeff's Zauerkraut (sauerkraut), Jeff's Ginger Zarrots (fermented ginger carrots), Jeff's Zimchi (kimchi) and Jeff's Vegan Zimchi (vegan kimchi).  All of our products have a delicious unique complex naturally fermented flavor and none of them have any vinegar or preservatives and they have not been pasteurized, so they should always be kept refrigerated.  We source as much of our produce, jars, labels and services locally as possible. 

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