All About Brewers Organics

Brewers Organics is the premier organic, and locally sourced, produce delivery service based out of Milwaukee. We work not only with certified organic farms from around the country but also with our local farmers in Wisconsin who use natural growing methods but not all of our local farmers certified organic. Don't worry, we always let you know where your local produce is coming from and you control what you receive in your deliveries.  We currently serve Southeast Wisconsin, Madison, and the Fox Cities, but we continue to grow and add new communities. We believe in connecting families with good, organic fruits and veggies and believe there should be an option to 'conventional' chemical covered produce.


Our mission is to make organic produce accessible to everyone and to give as much back to the community as possible!  We strive to create an online "farmer's market" where you can support many Wisconsin producers. We carry a wide range of local products to help us all support our local small businesses and farmers. In our shop, you will find add-on options that include everything from local meat to WI eggs, salad dressing, oils, and so much more!  Each week, we donate hundreds of dollars in produce to support our local charities and food banks. Together, we support organic farmers, local farmers, small WI businesses, and help our local charities. 


We believe that eating is more than just providing fuel for life- we think it's about eating good food with good people. Our society has been accelerated to a point where most people have lost contact with just how important our food chain is. We think that supporting our neighbors, promoting local business, and realizing that there are families whose life goal is to grow delicious produce and create hand-made products is a step in the right direction.


We hope you'll join us in our mission, and help make this world a better place, one box at a time.


Meet The Owners


Hello! We are Brandon and Amanda Ferguson.  Most of you already know me, Amanda, I am the one who responds to your emails and phone calls.  Many of you may also be familiar with Brandon, our Facebook and Twitter guru, and as you have probably figured out, he’s a huge local sports fan!  Brandon and I met when were in high school at Wauwatosa East, and later we both attended UW-Green Bay. We were married in 2006 and currently live in Wauwatosa with our children, Liam and Adeline.  I have spent the past 15 years working in the non-profit sector in Milwaukee, and continue to do so today.

As parents of two children, we have spent too much time reading and re-reading labels to figure out what is in the food we eat. We shouldn’t need to use google to figure out what is in our food.  Food should be easier. We need to get back to the basics: food grown without chemicals and food produced without added ingredients.  We strongly believe in organic, local, natural, and humane foods.  Together, at Brewers Organics we can all make a difference.  We support the small family farm and the farmers who are choosing to do things the right way.  And, we can help the local businesses where our friends and neighbors take time to make something the simple and natural way.  


Together, we can make organic and natural food more accessible and affordable, all while helping our local businesses to thrive!