Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Office Fruit Deliveries

This is a great option for having fresh, easy-to-eat, fruit available for your employees and clients. 

We have delivery options for every size business. From 5 employees to over 100!  Check out our box offerings HERE - don't see the perfect size for your workplace? Email us and we can work something out! 

  • All deliveries are filled with easy-to-eat fruits making it perfect for the workplace.
  • Flexible delivery schedules from weekly to monthly deliveries.
  • Setting up your account only takes a few minutes and then you never have to think about ordering. It will be delivered on your schedule. Just open and enjoy! 

Office Collective Locations

This is an easy way to help employees save money on healthy produce and there are no costs to your business! Having all deliveries made to one location, employees save 10% on all orders.  

  • All employees manage their own individual accounts with their own payment information.
  • All deliveries are made in individual boxes and/or small soft-sided coolers and are labeled with employee names. No sorting or messes for the business.
  • As long as there are 3 or more deliveries, everyone saves 10% off their entire order.
  • The business will receive your own unique code for 50% off a first order. This is a discount that we rarely offer outside of workplace collectives.
  • We provide free giveaways to help raise awareness of the new office collective location.

Setting up takes less than 5 minutes! All we need is an address, contact person, and where to drop off the deliveries (board room, mailroom, front desk, etc.). 

There is nothing for the business to do except share your collective information and the discount code with employees!


Let Brewers Organics help with your Corporate Wellness Initiatives!