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When you have four or more deliveries going to your Collective location, you can either save 10% OR we will donate that savings back to your school, church, or non-profit.

Who can start or join a Collective?

Anyone! And it's your choice to use it to save money or as a fundraiser. It's easier for us to deliver multiple boxes to one location, and we want to pass that on to you.

Let's do it!

First you need to create an account. That way all of your individual choices and settings stay with you. The only thing different about a Collective is instead of delivering your box to your personal address, we'll deliver it to the Collective address.

We have two different types of Collectives, a fundraising Collective that helps you raise money for your cause or school, and a discount Collective, which helps you save money every week!

Save Money

Set up a Collective in your neighborhood, school, the corner pet store, a friend's house, or wherever! Have four or more deliveries and everyone in the Collective gets a 10% discount on every delivery.


If you would like to raise money for your school, church, or any other non-profit, then here's how it works. Have 5 or more deliveries per week delivered to one location, and we will contribute 10% of your monthly group total back!

Have questions?

Send an email to, give us a call at or use our contact form to drop us a message.