How Our Service Works

We are a delivery service of organic fruits and vegetables, locally grown produce during our growing season, as well as, a year-round "farmers market" with many of your favorite local producers from your farmers market. Everything from local meats, cheeses, eggs, flours, bread, and many other specialty items all delivered to homes and offices. 

1. Sign up to receive one of our various sized boxes of fruits, vegetables, or a combination of the two, delivered to your home or office on a weekly or every-other-week basis (Don't worry, you completely control your delivery schedule and can modify it as needed). 

2. We post the upcoming week's menu on our site on Friday evenings (and we will also send you an email to let you know if you have a delivery). 

3. You have the option to customize your box based on your preferences, add additional groceries to your order, change delivery weeks, put your account on vacation hold, or cancel deliveries with us via our user-friendly website. All changes to your boxes or delivery schedule should be done by 8am Monday morning for that week's delivery. 

4. To get started just create an account with username and password and select your preferences. After that, your payment method of choice is charged after the menu closes on Monday mornings for that week's delivery.  There are no delivery fees, sign-up fees, skipping week fees, etc... You are only charged on Monday morning for what you have selected for delivery that week. 

5. The deliciousness is delivered to your home or office on your set delivery day (Wednesday or Thursday based on your address). Leave a cooler out for us and we will transfer your produce to it and if you forget, we will just leave the boxes for you. 

6. Eat well, be well, and support a lot of local Wisconsin producers and small businesses!