Our Produce Boxes


The perfect size for just you, or a busy couple who doesn't cook at home a lot! This box is filled each week with basic produce options to keep you eating healthy all week long. 

See what's in the Essentials this week!



Small families, produce-conscious couples, or anyone who finds this nice happy-medium.

See what's in the Standard this week!



Lots of produce in this one! Great for families or couples who are vegetarian.

See what's in the Large this week!


Fruit Fresh

This box will satisfy all your fruity desires.

See what's in the Fruit Fresh this week!


Vegetable Fresh

Perfect for the veggie lover.

See what's in the Vegetable Fresh this week!


Juicing Essentials

Includes a combination of fruits and veggies perfect for the juicing enthusiast.

See what's in the Juicing Essentials this week!


NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR OFFICE! Interested in receiving a large box of ready to eat fruits for your office? We have office delivery options ranging from 25 employees up to 100 employees. Prices range from $69 to $189 per delivery. Email us at hello@brewersorganics.com to get set up!

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