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Location: Campbellsport, WI

From Three Sisters...

Farmers Kelly Kiefer and Jeff Schreiber met while working at Wellspring, a Milwaukee-area farm-based educational organization. In 2011 we started Three Sisters on Kelly's family's land. Working with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), we were able to secure additional land and buildings just next door in early April 2012.

Our guiding principles:

  • We freely exercise our talents and skills to excel at the co-creation of a resilient, holistic farm center that produces an abundance of high quality and nourishing food.

  • We have and maintain a high quality of life, meeting our material needs and remaining financially secure while also meeting our need for balance, for personal and collective growth, and for happiness, health and vitality.

  • We steward a farm center that is aesthetically beautiful -- colorful, refreshing and alive. This place is a quiet and magical sanctuary where all can connect with and reverentially experience the beauty and rhythms of nature.

  • We do work that is positive and meaningful for others, and engage in fair, equitable, collaborative relationships.

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