3 Ways to Enjoy Kohlrabi

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3 Ways to Enjoy Kohlrabi

If you like the peppery flavor and crispness of radishes, then you will love kohlrabi!  Honestly, it is hard to find recipes for kohlrabi because many people are intimidated to buy and use them in the kitchen.  But truth be told, you don’t need a recipe for kohlrabi, as they are best enjoyed raw.  Here are three ways to enjoy kohlrabi-it just depends how you slice it. 


 Use a sharp knife to cut off the hard root bottom and top with stems.  Then using the knife or a vegetable peeler, peel off the tough skin until you are left with a smooth surface.


Now get inspired!  How do you prep radishes or broccoli?  Use the same techniques for kohlrabi!  That means roasting it with other veggies or dunking it into your favorite dip (hello hummus!)

These are my favorite ways to prep kohlrabi, so I can use a bunch throughout the week in different ways:

1)      Eat peeled kohlrabi whole, like biting into an apple

2)      Julienne it into matchsticks, to top a salad or add to a summer slaw


3)      Thinly slice it and top crusty whole grain bread with butter and sea salt


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