Mint & Basil Summer Fruit Salad

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5 minutes
Mint & Basil Summer Fruit Salad

Your friends will be impressed with this beautiful addition to any dinner or brunch gathering!  Mint and Basil Summer Fruit Salad is the perfect dessert for hot summer days when you don’t want something too heavy.  Berries and mango are at their peak right now, so this fruit salad is sweet and juicy.  The fresh mint and basil are easy ingredients to add to a fruit salad to make it feel like a sophisticated dessert.


What (your ingredients):

1 lb. strawberries

1 ripe mango

1 pint blackberries

5-7 leaves fresh mint

2 large leaves fresh basil


How (your directions):

Slice strawberries and place into a large serving bowl.  Dice a fresh mango and add to bowl.  Squeeze the juice from the remaining mango pit over the fruit.  Add blackberries.

Chiffonade the fresh mint and basil and add to the fruit.

Using a large spoon, stir berries and herbs until evenly distributed.

Allow to sit for 10-20 minutes to allow fruit juices to render.

Serve immediately or store, covered, in fridge for 2 days.  Enjoy!

Why (the science):  Berries are not only rich in powerful antioxidants, but are also prebiotics!