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Angelic Rye Caraway Snack Crisps

Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Rye Caraway Snack Crisps

$4.99/5 oz

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Angelic Rye Caraway Snack Crisps Features

Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!

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We've perfected the art of baking each and every Rye Caraway Snack Crisp with bursts of deliciousness and goodness. Top it. Dip it. Pair it. Love it.

Use or freeze within 1 year.

* Includes 12g of whole grains per serving


Wheat Berries Quinoa Millet Oat Groats Barley Rye Berries Amaranth Whole Wheat Flour Sunflower Oil Water Wheat Gluten Sea Salt Cultured Wheat Flower Caraway Seed Agave Syrup Spice Yeast Oat Fiber Molasses

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