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Location: Chilton, WI

From Meuer Farm...

Our sustainable farm grows well-known crops (corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat) alongside not-so-well-know crops (oats, durum, emmer and spelt). Our beef cattle are rotational grazed in pastures that have never been touched by a plow. Our fields include bi-color sweet corn and strawberries. The woods “in the back 40” shelter maple trees we tap for maple syrup and black walnut trees that offer beyond-organic-nuts.

We educate by opening our farm to you, the public. Our agri-tourism activities include educational components to help you learn more about farming. Maple syrup making, strawberry growing, rotational grazing of animals, beekeeping, crop rotation and harvesting are just a few of the activities we explain. Our farm is open to groups and people of all ages. There are more opportunities for you to experience our farm than we can mention here.

We conserve by implementing sustainable farming practices that work with the land, not against it. You will see undisturbed waterways for the water to flow cleanly through our fields without removing crop soil. Our strawberries enjoy underground irrigation that reduces water consumption.  The pond and stream are alive with fish, frogs and muskrats. Even eagles are seen fishing here.

We do all of this on a 150 acre family-owned farm that has been in the Meuer Family since 1969. We enjoy working the land, teaching others about farming and preserving our farmland for future generations.and, teaching others about farming and preserving our farmland for future generations.

Items offered by Meuer Farm are not certified organic but are grown without

conventional pesticides, fertilizers, and the like.

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