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Location: Greater Milwaukee Area

From our friends at Outpost who strive to provide organic and/or local and/or fair trade options! 

Outpost believes that supporting organically grown foods helps to protect the integrity of food grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Organic farming practices ensure the health and wellbeing of farmers and farm workers, the environment and customers is at the forefront of business practice. It is farming food the way it used to be!

It is really quite simple - buying local keeps more dollars in the community! Shopping your locally-owned co-op keeps other local businesses thriving because Outpost Natural Foods purchases locally grown and produced food items whenever feasible. Look for the "Locally Grown" label in all our fresh foods and grocery departments.

Fair Trade
Whenever feasible, Outpost will offer Fair Trade certified products to our customers. Why? Because Fair Trade products come from farmers and producers worldwide who receive fairly traded compensation for their product on the international market because they work directly with their buyers. A better wage means better living conditions for some of the poorest people on the planet. It also ensures that these farmers develop a livelihood that will sustain themselves and their families for years to come. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label on items like chocolate, coffee, bananas, nuts and various gift items.

Outpost firmly believes that foods grown containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) compromise the health and safety of the food supply in general. Current labeling laws do not require any company to disclose whether or not its products contain genetically modified organisms.

As part of the strict organic certification process, growers and producers are forbidden to use products containing GMOs as feed for animals or to grow as food for production. Their products are routinely tested for the presence of these organisms. When you see "certified organic" on the label, it's a good bet that these products are free of GMOs. Most organic producers voluntarily label their products as "GMO-free" because they can and because people want to know.

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