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Location: Milwaukee, WI

From Rishi Tea...

Rishi Tea offers the highest quality organic and Fair Trade Certified loose leaf teas, fresh each season and direct from tea gardens around the world. We travel thousands of miles each year to work hands-on with skilled artisans whose families have been making traditional teas and herbs for generations. Our direct relationships allow us to produce rare and exclusive teas that offer an unmatched level of freshness. Being at origin to maintain these relationships is our way of ensuring the quality and authenticity of our teas and herbs.

Our trade, travels, and study are devoted to expanding the understanding of loose leaf tea and setting the standard for quality. We are proud to offer over 200 loose leaf teas and herbs. We welcome you to try our teas and to consider Rishi Tea as your direct link to the tea growers, landscapes, and cultures that we've created lasting partnerships with.

Green Initiatives

The Rishi Tea Green Team formed to better represent our core values of Organic and Fair Trade practices at origin into our daily business practices. Comprised of members from various departments within Rishi, the Green Team combines passion and knowledge with a commitment to sustainable actions within the US. Having members from different departments allows us to execute our green projects with a holistic view.

Rishi’s Green Team promotes waste reduction, energy conservation and offsetting energy usage with the ultimate goal of reducing our ecological footprint. We aspire to build a deeper level of consciousness regarding our everyday choices and the power that each of us holds. The choices we make today can help protect and preserve our beautiful planet tomorrow.

Click here for more information on Rishi Tea, their origins, and their green initiatives.

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